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Discover the exclusive kayak rental experience from Kahana Adventures in the picturesque Kahana Bay, situated along the serene and captivating Kahawai Nui, also known as Kahana River. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this once-thriving fishing and farming community, where echoes of ancient Hawaiian culture still resonate. Explore the remnants of the past, from the sacred Heiau (Religious Temple) and Loko 'ia (Hawaiian Fish Pond) to the revered Ko'a (Fishing Shrines). Embark on a thrilling adventure as you paddle through the enchanting rainforest, embracing the tranquil beauty that surrounds you. Let the rhythm of your strokes guide you from the river's embrace to the vastness of the ocean. Experience the essence of Kahana Bay like never before with our ohana

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Welcome to Kahana Adventures Kayak Rental Oahu Hawaii, a proudly Hawaiian-owned and operated business. Our ohana (family) has been Stewarts of Kahana Bay for generations, creating an authentic connection to this sacred land. As we live by the Hawaiian saying, "Ua Mau Ke Ea ʻO Ka ʻĀina I Ka Pono," we strive to perpetuate the life of the land in righteousness. Join us on an unforgettable journey, where the spirit of aloha and the essence of Kahana Bay merge into an enriching experience you'll treasure forever.


Rated 5 Stars on Google, Trip Advisor & Yelp

This seems to be a best kept secret. One of our favorite adventures of our trip was this Kayak trip down a beautiful full lush river that pours out to a bay. They family is so welcoming and helpful. During this busy season we were the only ones on the river and out in the bay. It felt like we had all of Hawaii to ourselves. I highly recommend!                              

                                                  -Trip Advisor Review

A truly wonderful experience from start to finish. The family is so welcoming and the kayaks and life vests (for the kids) are clean and well maintained. The river itself is lovely with areas of shade and sun and was not crowded even on a Saturday. Once out in the bay, the views are spectacular.                                                      -Google Review



Surfing in Kahana Bay offers an ideal paradise for beginners to experience the thrilling world of wave riding. Nestled on the picturesque island of Oahu, Hawaii, Kahana Bay boasts gentle, rolling waves that are perfect for those just starting to learn the sport and a favorite to locals.  

Snorkeling in Kahana Bay is a mesmerizing aquatic adventure. Explore warm-clear waters teeming with abundant fish life, graceful turtles, and the occasional playful seals. Immerse yourself in a vibrant underwater world, with a Snorkel Kit that includes Fins, Mask and Snorkel.  

Kahana Bay offers stunning hikes like Crouching Lion, providing a bird's eye view of the Kahana Bay—ideal before a kayaking adventure. Enjoy the beauty for free and immerse yourself in the captivating scenery of Kahana than cool down on the beach.

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